Good morning FaceBookers. I am doing all I can to continue to move The Estate Angel forward & keep the estate agency & its clients one step ahead at all times so there are a couple of things that’s been happening I wanted to share with you.

house for sale ballymenaAs you already know The Estate Angel Ballymoney has been developed to include a fantastic new mortgage service and you may or may not have noticed that the trusty van has just this week been replaced with a car (which has been all logoed up thanks to Ryan McHenry @ SignFX for another job well done). I hope you agree it looks great & hopefully will be as good (if not better) a moving advertisement for The Estate Angel.

Thirdly I always try to take on board any “constructive criticism” that my clients & friends may offer so you will be no doubt pleased to hear that quietly in the background I’ve been working on a new website.  I’ve had the fantastic SEO clinik a local SEO & web design business in Coleraine run by John Blaney, help me design a new improved website.  I’m absolutely delighted with the end result and will finally be proud to promote it on all my branding.Roblox Free Unlimited Robux and Tix